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Systems and Software Development

Whatever the selected framework, tools, and standards selected by the client, a software development effort cannot be a “success” unless there is clear understanding of the customer needs and the value it assigns to the system under assessment. Whether the system is new, being enhanced, or in maintenance and operations, without clear vision and articulation of the amount and where the value is to be derived, the majority of stakeholders are not going to be satisfied and, most likely, will feel that they overpaid for what was delivered.

CogniVault's mission is to provide to our clients products and/or services that generate end user value in excess of their cost. We do this by integrating quality into every aspect of our activities.

CogniVault's culture is based on standards and best practices. We plan for execution empowering our members to effectively and efficiently overcome challenges to delivering success through imbuing them with multiple skills (e.g., developing, testing, analysis, quality assurance) and providing the collaborative infrastructure for transparent communication and rapid issue resolution. Thus, no matter what development framework is selected or phase of the lifecycle, we assure that the solution is process driven and providing the best value during its creation, delivery, and, most importantly, actuates best possible value during its operations and maintenance evolution.

We focus on creating a smarter approach for conceptualization, managing, designing, building, verifying, and validating systems. Understanding our client’s business vision, missions, environment, goals, strengths, and challenges provides the necessary foundation for a holistic approach to maximizing the delivered system or application overall value as assessed by the user community. Our members build quality and verification into daily activities thereby reducing the need for rework and risk of components, functions, and systems not meeting client requirements and needs. By enhancing the client’s lifecycle framework with tailored systems engineering and software engineering standards and best practices, we plan for risks turning potential issues into opportunities.

Through lessons learned on small to very large development projects using multiple development frameworks, we have the expertise to help to address key challenges. We start with collaboration, transparent communication, and documenting and maintaining consensus on the vision and key definitions (e.g., risk, value, gate exist criteria, success, quality, earned value). By partnering with the customer on creating an interactive environment with the stakeholders, we eliminate many risks (i.e., lack of collaboration, effectively managing requirements, controlling expectations). Providing dedicated professionals that are immersed in CogniVault's culture of quality, ethics, standards, and best practices; have continuous and the necessary training; and sufficient experience to address the client’s environment and challenges mitigates the majority of controllable risks through early recognition, evaluation, prioritization, and response to potential problems, obstacles, and bottlenecks.

Through verification and validation architecturally driven concept and design; risk accepted COTS integration and software reuse; utilization and management of Open Source tools; design, modeling, code, and test automaton; controlled and monitored requirements, configuration, documentation management; and continuous process improvement contained within a comprehensive risk engineering envelope, we minimize time of deployment and prevent cost and schedule creep while providing the best value in functionality, maintainability, performance, and usability. Identifying, evolving, integrating, monitoring, and evaluating the necessary and sufficient metrics provides quantitative comprehension of earned value in real time at each level of the client’s hierarchy. Continuous transparent collaboration allows for intelligent real time insight for timely and accurate decision making throughout the lifecycle. Cognition through quantifiable data prevents denial and produces proactive responds to risks through the preemptive selection of the appropriate documented tactics. This unbroken comprehension allows the balancing of near term and long term objects driving quality and compliance into every aspect of the lifecycle.

By providing an organized controlled development process from concept through production to operation, we enable our clients to address their unique business and environmental challenges. Functioning as an integrated team with our clients allows us to continuously expand our comprehension of their business and operations. This knowledge enables us to guide the evolution of their system engineering practices assuring creation and maintenance of a self-sustaining standards based quality production house. Thus when CogniVault's collaboration with a client is complete, the client has an environment that is able to continually produce quality systems, applications, and services to better serve themselves and their community.