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CogniVault is a woman-owned small business focused on the process of knowing. We bring this focus to our clients enhancing their ability to conceive, build, deploy, and maintain systems with high value and low cost.

CogniVault's core ideology is that the synergy generated from organizing highly talented, cognizant, and motivated teams produces superior innovative outcomes maximizing the return on investment.  Applying a holistic approach to the extraction, synthesis and presentation of information from disparate sources reduces uncertainty, increases comprehension, and illuminates cost effective practical solutions.
Through our close working relationships with small quality firms, we are able to provide mid-size company services at a small company price and responsiveness. Through selective coalitions, CogniVault is able to readily obtain and apply the necessary subject matter experts and a depth of support resources to efficiently address and resolve complex technical problems usually only available from mid to large size companies.
CogniVault is committed to simplifying the identification and implementation of successful IT and business process solutions that help our clients address challenges, achieve cost containment, and to transform their business models through continuous process improvement.