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Health IT

We provide Design, Development, Testing and Deployment of smart decision support systems. The purpose of Health IT is for improving health. To some organizations (e.g., HHS), they limit Health IT to making it possible for health care providers to better manage patient care through secure use and sharing of health information. Others, define it as the total IT environment for the storage, retrieval, and sharing of health related data and knowledge. Under the latter definition, Health IT can cover everything from enhancing basic biomedical research through enhanced data collection, storage, and analysis to improved health delivery services and feedback.

CogniVault's holistic value added approach to Health IT is to enable domain users and experts to more effectively and efficiently perform their jobs; whether that is basic or applied research, clinical trials, secure data exchange, or patient engagements while trying to understand, evaluate, and cognitively make decisions on courses of tests, evaluations, and treatments. Thus, Health IT includes not only a collection of technologies but design knowledge capture, analytical, logistical, and decision support capabilities. Through the application of broad experience in the health domains; transformational expertise gained from support of technologies and decision support systems for CDC, CDC PHIN, NASA, DHS, DOE, etc.; combined with our experience working with numerous university and medical research facilities, we are able to enhance both the quality and the value of Health IT Systems and support services.

CogniVault's relationship with commercial companies and universities providing health research, medical services, and IT services enables us to put the right team together to meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders regardless of the system’s lifecycle phase.