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Intelligent Information Systems

Knowledge is context dependent. Intelligence is the ability to understand, learn from, and apply knowledge (i.e., reasoning). Information systems for decision support need to not only provide data to the right decision maker in a timely manner but must provide knowledge in a tailored format for the individual to fully comprehend it for cognitively making the most correct decision given the various uncertainties. This includes the ability to properly recognize, embrace, and qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate opportunities and negative risks in order to maximize the achievement of both near and long term objectives.

CogniVault's principals have significant experience in developing intelligence factories that allow the collection and aggregation of data, its transformation into knowledge by the appropriate modeling selection, and the generation of intelligence through adaptive visualization methods thereby enabling responsible stakeholders to decide on rational courses of action while fully addressing qualified and quantified uncertainties.

We have participated in the conception, creation, and deployment of systems that:

  • Simplify complex data knowledge problems;
  • Perform knowledge capture from multiple sources, continuously enhancing it, and distributing it over time;
  • Perform data extraction, transformation and loading from distributed archives;
  • Integrate heterogeneous data sets allowing for annotation and redaction over time and by multiple sources while maintaining lineage;
  • Perform modeling for evaluating, optimizing, ranking, and recommending decisions by varying the context of the variables;
  • Allow selection of modeling and assessment techniques and tools for variable identification, prioritization, quantification, and analysis using commercial, freeware, and custom packages;
  • Control integration, evaluation, and traceability of complex data formats for evaluating intricate what-if scenarios;
  • Enable tailorable visualization and reporting using commercial, freeware, and custom packages generating integrated images, data matrices, graphical presentation, and text.